9 Tips For Transcending Zombie Mentality

Looking to avoid the mind deadening, mental enslavement of today’s zombie culture?  Implement these ten choices into your daily life and become savvy at protecting your mind. Because at the end of the day, the death of your mind is truly your choice.

1- Remove yourself from the influence of mainstream media. Turn off all TVs. Throw out all tabloids. Become selective in the types of movies you watch. Violence, horror, gore, and explicit sex are not creative forms of entertainment. Is this is the type of uninspired society we’ve become? We find joy in death and destruction?  In addition, celebrity worship is not going to change your life. I can list 9 more productive things you can do with our time and attention. We are all equal on this planet, with not one person is better, more important, or more powerful than the next. So stop following others and follow your own calling.

2- Discover new types of music and radio stations. Mainstream pop/rock/rap is not all there is to life and music. Music is extremely powerful in affecting our minds.There’s a whole new world of inspiring music just waiting to be heard and discovered if we would only turn off all the noise.

3- Keep all violent video games out of harm’s way. They are designed to desensitize our spirits so that we no longer value human life.

4- Use natural, fluoride-free toothpaste to brush your teeth.  Fluoride affects the pineal gland in ways in which it inhibits your intuitive faculties. (Remember, you are not supposed to think for yourself!) So be sure to also switch from tap to filtered water.

5- Escape the J-O-B Paradigm. For most of us, our jobs are simply a form of modern day enslavement, designed to keep us from living out our divine purpose. To take up all of your day, all of your time, with no energy left to focus on yourself, paying just enough to keep you on a leash, and to keep you coming back the next day for more. You are dependent on the master, and to never gain your independence. We may think we’ve abolished slavery. Think again!

If you know it’s not your calling, if you get absolutely no fulfillment out of it, why allow it to continue? Ask yourself what it is that truly makes your heart sing. What is it that you have to share with the world? Then get started on making that dream into a reality. No need to quit your job right away, but work diligently every single day on your dream life. Eventually you will carve a way out. You will be able to step into your freedom!

So start now! Don’t wait!

6- Eat clean and natural products. Try to go as organic as possible. Cut out all junk food and cut down on animal products.  These foods are heavy, toxic, and taxing to the body. If it’s doing so much harm to your body, can you image the harm it is doing to your mind?

7- Keep drugs and alcohol at a million mile distance. The party culture is a surefire way to get old and stupid quickly.

8- Surround yourself with high vibration and progressive minds. Ideas are energy and energy will travel. No matter how hard you try to keep certain individuals from influencing you, they usually do. So be selective of the company you keep.

9- Expand your curiosity and expand your world. You will never know what great wonders lie ahead unless you open your mind. You will never know the amazing, unique individual that you can be unless you experiment with new ideas. They say knowledge is power. So strengthen and educate yourself by following blogs, reading books, and watching videos on alternative spirituality, health, thinking, and lifestyles. There are plenty “other ways” out there to try out . The world is not limited to only what you know or what you’ve been fed throughout the years. Deliberately expose yourself to new people, new ideas, and new experiences. Of course you don’t have to accept every new idea that comes your way. Some you may adopt, and some you may not. But by opening up, this is how one begins to garner a sense of individuality. This is how one stays awake.


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