The Making of Generation Zombie

Zombism is now at cataclysmic proportions.

I sometimes feel like we’re in the middle of an old Twilight Zone episode. One of those episodes where everyone has mentally checked out and now behave like programmed robots.

As Mark Dice mentions these times mark the height of Generation Z (Generation Zombie). A time when the mass media machine has overtaken the minds of the majority of the people. They now can no longer think or do for themselves. The youth particularly have become supceptible to this mass programming. Many have become totally devoted and dependent on a system that continually feeds them lies about themselves and reality. Instead of being the natural, free spirit, free thinking beings we were meant to be, we are now controlled by this mass media tyrant that makes us believe we are small, weak, and without power to control our own destinies. Rather than being the unique individuals, the creative leaders that we each have the potential for, many of us have become faithful, obedient worshippers of some of the false images and idols paraded in front of us night and day on the TV screen. We’ve been programmed to take their word at face value and gobble up every single lie that is fed.

What is this charade?

Can this go on indefinitely?

Where and when does it end?

Check out some of these videos and know that this is reality in the United States!

Ok, so maybe Alex Jones can sound a bit extreme and over the top at times, but try not to use that as an excuse to dismiss the video below. Some of the truths discussed are right on point and simply cannot be ignored.

Tomorrow I list some of the things we can do to help ourselves and to rescue others out of the zombie coma.

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