You Can’t Get Something That You’ve Never Had Without Doing Something That You’ve Never Done.

So I’ve made it official. I want something that I’ve never had. I think that’s the story for most of us.

I want something I’ve never had and I am willing to do what I’ve never done in order to get it.

If you’ve never had freedom, that is the freedom to do whatever you want with your time, whatever you want with your days, and whatever you want with your life. If you’ve never felt successful, that is success in doing what you came on Earth to do, and the total satisfaction in living out your life’s mission, then you might want to revisit what it is that you’ve been doing. You might want to learn some new skills, give up some old habits, and while you’re at it, reprogram your mind into thinking differently too. Your future actions are dependent on it.

I think it’s time we’ve all taken some serious inventory as to why we don’t have what we’ve always wanted.

Well, should we blame anyone for our creations? It’s our making isn’t it?


Perhaps when we are willing to take full responsibility for not being where we would like to be, then perhaps things will change. If there’s a certain life we want to live, certain things we would like to obtain, certain things we would like to dedicate your precious and limited time on this planet to, we must realize that the only reason we don’t have these things now is because we haven’t been willing to do certain things we’ve never done before. We’ve somehow managed to delude ourselves into thinking that the dream life will somehow magically manifest by remaining comfortable, and knowing the things we’ve always known, and doing the things we’ve always done. Whatever it is we’ve known, whatever it is we’ve done, it’s obvious they’re not working. Otherwise we’d all be in a happier and more fulfilled place. To get to where we want to be, we have to be willing to take risks. We have to want to see a new version of ourselves more than the same person that we’ve always known. We have to be willing to let go of the old and embrace the new, even if we have no idea what it will look like. Life is full of surprises. Isn’t it all these surprises that make it worth living? Why do so many of us cling to the mundane and the predictable? It’s sad to say that for most of us this has become our idea of fulfillment?

There is a you that you’ve never met before just waiting to come out, just waiting to be introduced to the world, just waiting to express itself, and  just waiting to have so much fun! So stir it up a bit. Don’t let the contents of your best self settle on the bottom and just sit there for the rest of your life. Stir it up! Shake it up and see what happens. Do the things you’ve never done before. Say the things you’ve never said before. Approach the people you’ve never talked to before. Let others think you’ve lost your mind. In fact, give them all reason to think you’ve gone nuts! Who cares what they think. This is your life. This will set the ball in motion for even greater things to happen and for you to do even bolder things. You will gain momentum. You will gain fearlessness!

After all what’s the worst that can happen by changing your approach to life? If you’re already unhappy with your circumstances, do you want to just keep wallowing in your misery? Whether you get what you want or something different, the universe always rewards you for your efforts.  The hidden talents and gifts you will obtain through change are always priceless.

So what are you waiting for?

Go for that new approach, that new you. There’s a new reality just waiting for you to step into!

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One thought on “You Can’t Get Something That You’ve Never Had Without Doing Something That You’ve Never Done.

  1. Every year (this will be the third) I put a list together of things I want to learn, feel, discover, etc. It’s done wonders for me. In 2014, I’ve decided to get over my fear of the non-photographic arts and take a ceramics class, and let go of my mother’s voice saying that my brother and sister were the artists in the family (even though I was a photographer for many years). It feels triumphant!


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