Turmeric – A Natural Cancer Cure

I swear and live by turmeric. Turmeric- one magical spice. Also known as curcumin, I take it daily, mixed together with my Fo Ti and Cayenne (other elixers I have plans to shed light on).3e9c7153427eaac2e76da624e8a2a489

What is it about this spice that I’m so hell bent on you ask?

Well for one, cancer cannot exist in an environment where there’s turmeric. It gets to work on destroying cancer stem cells.

At $2.99 a jar I’d have to say that it is one cheap form of chemotherapy. Rather call it herbotherapy.


This is one elixir that will never receive the FDA stamp of approval, due to its lack of exclusivity, patentability, and therefore profitability. So don’t rely on the medical industry or mainstream society to acknowledge the effectiveness of this spice. Quite frankly you’re not even supposed to know about this information. God forbid people wisened up and no longer depended on conventional medicine’s destructive, toxic treatments. Imagine we stopped spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on their deadly chemo and radiation. Where would that leave them? Possibly living an average life, where they could no longer drive around in their fancy cars. Are you kidding me???


Oh well, enough of my ranting and raving.  I’ll let you hear from the experts themselves about this life saving herb.

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