A Renegade Doctor

And he ain’t playin’! I’m talking about Dr. Richard Schulze, a true healer/herbalist, and a doctor that actually merits his title. This doctor doesn’t pussyfoot around health and disease.  He doesn’t treat symptoms. He actually heals disease.

I’ll never forget the year 2011. The year of the plague, I like to call it. It was a year in which I was plagued with all sorts of ailments I had never had to face before – from strep throat, to stomach ulcers, to multiple bouts of laryngitis. Not to mention disease falling on the doorstep of several of my loved ones as well – some more serious than my own. Being submerged in a world of illness, at the time, allowed me to finally make my physical health a priority for me.

I went seeking on the internet for answers. And answers did I find! Lo and behold, I discovered Dr. Schultze amongst a whole slew of other leaders and healers in the alternative health industry. These are individuals who are making a true difference in people’s lives and the way we perceive our bodies and healths. My life has never been the same since!

Today I would like to honor Dr. Richard Schulze for his no nonsense approach to physical health. To get started on radiant health, I recommend  his blog as a first stop. His blog is a vast array of information and Q&As that date all the way back to 2008. This is where he gets down to business and tells you like it is. This doctor clearly understands the health epidemic and crisis the human race is currently facing, and has made getting you on the right track to health his main mission in life.  To him there is no such thing as incurable. The word does not exist in his vocabulary. Again it’s mind over matter, and he challenges you to change your beliefs before even changing your lifestyle. By freely sharing his vast knowledge to those who have the ears to hear, he is causing major waves and changing lives one person at a time. He’s up against much resistance, backlash, and persecution from numerous skeptics, including the conventional medical industry, but nevertheless still manages to get the job done.

Thank you Dr. Schulze for your generosity in sharing your knowledge with us and for your unwavering commitment to saving lives.


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