My Farewell to Beautiful Weather

This weekend the weather took a turn for the really nippy. Already wearing my winter coat, scarves, gloves, long johns, and the works. Yup, winter feels like it’s already here, even though we actually have two more months of fall to go before it is officially winter..

Sniff-sniff… 😦  I already have that summer nostalgia. I miss my walks throughout the beautiful, clean, and quiet Jersey suburbs, with homes and gardens so magnificently cared for that at times they would take my breath away. I am going to miss my meditative walks along Boulevard East, NJ, stopping to visit each mini-park and appreciating their uniqueness while savoring beautiful views of the city skyline. I’ll also miss my walks through the city neighborhoods, admiring some of the brownstones with window baskets bursting and spilling with some of the most healthiest, most gorgeous flowers.

This Masterpiece Monday I am dedicating to the beautiful warm weather in my neck of the woods, NYC/Northern NJ. Farewall to another lovely summer. It was a magnificent summer this year (as always). Good bye pleasant weather! Happy slumber! We’ll see you next year!

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