Our Ever Faithful Universe

Wow.  The universe really does reflect to us exactly what we send out!

In addition to network marketing, I’ve had many other money-making opportunities, come my way this past summer. Being in a tight financial situation some would say that I had no business passing them up. But you know what? They were not what I know would’ve made me happy. And so I gladly cast them all right back at the universe saying, “No! This is not what I asked for! You will give me what I ask for!”

And now it is finally here. The universe has listened and I got exactly what I asked for. I start a job next week that embarks me on a journey of color, 60s mod/pop style, creativity, freedom, responsibility, prosperity, fun, and growth. I will be working in an NYC design showroom and when I look around, I see myself. The location, atmosphere, vision, business ethics, company leader, and co-workers are a total reflection of what I am today, and what I prefer to surround myself with. I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity, and am so excited to embark on this creative journey. I can actually say that yes, the universe truly does reflect exactly what you are sending out. I sent out a broadcast of artistic creativity and this is what I got back.


As a future creative entrepreneur, it is the perfect place to be. I will absorb as much of the aesthetics as possible while there, and as I post more artwork, you will come to see how my new surroundings and experiences are working to develop my personal style.

So what have you been broadcasting lately?

Have you been accepting what ever comes your way without scrutiny?

Perhaps it’s time to send it back!

Accept nothing else but what you ask for.

Demand for what you want.

And be willing to recognize when it comes, for it may not come in the exact method you imagined. Our universe is full of surprises, and in addition to fulfilling wishes, it can shower us with even more than we expected.

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