Four Reasons Not To Walk for the Cure – Demand for the Cause Instead!

Why do we donate so much money to these cancer research organizations every year? They tell us they are on their way to finding a cure. They toil day and night, working feverishly to find that cure…. promising to help us and our loved ones…. Uh-huh…

“Soon”, they say every year. “Soon. We’re almost there!”

Promises. Promises. Blah, blah, blah…

My question is, what one earth are they researching???

What on earth are they researching when we already have the cure? We’ve always had it. There are multitudes of methods to heal from cancer. Multitudes. These natural methods have always existed. And give the medical and cancer industries two seconds, they’ll shoot ’em all down! For years they’ve denied their existence.

Now if these organizations exist to perform cancer research, why aren’t they using some of the funds to research what causes cancer in the first place. I always thought prevention was the best key. When you know the cause of a condition, you then gain knowledge of how to prevent it, in addition to reversing the disease by removing the cause. Why allow so many people to develop this merciless disease, and then have to go into panic and desperately hope for a “cure”?  And if these organizations aren’t the least bit interested in how one forms cancer in the body, shouldn’t we as a population be the ones interested?  It seems every other person nowerdays comes down with cancer. As if we’re all waiting for our turns.

If cancer is hereditary, like “the experts” say, does that mean the human race is mutating and every other person is now pre-dispositioned for cancer? Do we really want to believe in that nonsense???

Waiting around for someone else to solve our health problems, or throwing money at it simply won’t make it go away. These organizations are hoping you believe that. In fact they’re banking on it. Well, I have news for everyone. Money can buy lots of things, but your health it cannot.

It’s time we uncover the true and precise reasons behind this cancer epidemic. It’s time we demand for the cause. It’s time we stopped sweeping things under the rug. It’s time we stopped believing in the lies. It’s time we demand answers. It’s time we the people held certain industries accountable. It’s time we also held ourselves accountable for what we allow into our minds, bodies, and environments. F**k that sh*t, I say! It’s time we demand change. Enough is enough!

So here are my top 4 reasons as to why I think society is so hell-bent on walking for the cure:

1- People are reluctant to facing reality and looking at themselves. We humans are creatures of habit and extremely reluctant to change.  Most would rather pop a pill or have someone promise them the easy way out – an easy way to eradicate problems without having to do the work or take responsibility. “Let someone else be responsible for my health”, they say.  It’s too much work to get to the root of the problem. It’s much too painful to take a closer look at ourselves and admit we’ve made mistakes. It’s even more painful to implement change. We just don’t want to go there.

2- Those responsible for the causes of cancer refuse to take the blame. They would rather you focus your efforts on the wild goose chase of running for a cure, instead of pointing the finger at them. So they introduce these deceptive, mindless campaigns and organizations such as Walk for the Cure, Run for the Cure, Breast Cancer Awareness, pink ribbons, Relay for Life, Avon Walk, Susan G. Koman, and yadda, yadda, yadda…. These outfits are simply to keep you distracted from what is truly happening and to program our minds into thinking we’re actually working towards helping the cancer crisis.

3- We as a people want to believe that this disease is the big bad enemy.  It makes us feel more in control when we make a disease the scapegoat to our poor healths, instead of blaming ourselves, our own governments, and certain industries. It’s easier to go up against a disease and fight even our own bodies with deadly treatments like chemo and radiation, than to go up against our own egos, our so-called leaders, or certain industries and demand change.

4- You are supposed to be powerless. The food and drug administration, the medical industry, and the powers that be want you to believe that you are powerless to heal yourself of disease and that you need them to rescue and save you. God forbid if you took responsibility for yourself. Then where would that place them? They have no intentions of becoming obsolete and are banking on faithful, naive consumers like you to rely on them. The cancer industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. They have absolutely no problem with us continuing to believe that we are powerless. They have absolutely no problem with us continuing to bow down and beg them to save our lives. And so we continue to throw our hard earned money at this conglomerate whose only concern is ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching!

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2 thoughts on “Four Reasons Not To Walk for the Cure – Demand for the Cause Instead!

  1. First, great blog – love that you are challenging people to think bigger, broader, bolder. Second, thanks for linking my blog and following me on Twitter :). Third, I am LOVING the graphics on your blog!!! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got coming up next.

    Side note – Not sure if you realize it but the “Leave a Reply” font is extremely light so it’s hard to see where to comment – might consider making it a darker color…?


    • Hey Ecogrrl,
      Your blog is an inspiration for me. Thanks so much for the feedback and encouragement. I look forward to us both creating bigger waves as our blogs pick up greater momentum.
      Will def work on making that font color better. Many thanks again and much love!


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