Comfort Zone Addiction

I recently got involved with a network marketing business. I chose this not only for the lucrative income potential, but mainly for the growth that it will serve me.

Never been one to really socialize. Never been one to network either. Never been one to even label as a “competent seller”. So I have no idea how exactly I’m going to pull this off.  All I know is that for me to succeed, I must come out of my comfort zone and shake things up a bit. I must truly change who I am and  how I see myself. All I know is that I must change my identity.

Network Marketing- a highly misunderstood industry and occupation. What is the reason behind all the naysayers and skepticism? Could it be that it is so unconventional?  Could it be that so many have failed? Could it be that we cannot phantom overcoming such a challenge for ourselves? Could it be that we are unwilling to put ourselves out there? Are our creature comforts keeping us from making great strides in our lives?

How many of us can admit to being happy with our profession or financial status? On the other hand, how many of us can accept abundance as our rightful plan. Are we willing to take those necessary first steps? Or are we just going to let time pass as we complain indefinitely about our situation? Are we waiting for the approval of others before we take action? Or are we waiting for the perfect time? Chances are these may never happen.


We all want an easy way, the easy life. So ingrained it is in us to want something for nothing. So prevalent is the mass attraction and hype surrounding the stock market and its inflated products. Simply another legalized form of gambling. So prevalent is real estate and the dream of home ownership, believing it to be the greatest investment of our lives. “Equity”, they say. “We shall win with equity! The market shall rise again as it always does!”  And so the Get Something For Nothing saga continues….



Is this truly what we are?

Is this what we are teaching future generations?

When an animal is taken from the wild and domesticated, it is always best to keep him domesticated. If placed back out in the wild, being devoid of using his survival skills for so long, he will surely die.

This is also true for most. We’ve been programmed and desensitized to believe that a good job, a nice house, and Dancing With the Stars is all we need to make our lives a success. Safety, monotony, and complacency never got anyone anywhere. When we fail to look beyond status quo, when we wish for comfortability, we neglect creativity and simply become robots.

The question is when will we get better as individuals, better as a race? When will we stop clinging to familiarity and comfortability? When will we embrace growth, creativity, and the many challenges that come with change?

For life doesn’t begin until we come out of the comfort zone. The comfort zone is just the incubator. Challenge is what carves out our best self and reintroduces the Genius in us all.

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