Freedom and Prosperity: A One-Hit Wonder?

These words from The New Colossus were inspired by our Beloved Lady Liberty through Emma Lazarus in 1883. In 1903, they were mounted at the foot of our Beloved Lady who still today watchfully stands at the Gateway to Freedom, in New York Harbor. The words signify a time when the majority had the vision and passion in their hearts for Freedom and Prosperity. A time when it mattered so much. A time when it was priority. Ahhh… so much nolstalgia for such strong ideals …

Whatever became of Freedom and Prosperity?

One must wonder, aren’t the majority still tired, still poor, and still yearning to breathe free today?

What’s up with that?

I have to hand it to our Goddess of Liberty, though. Still hopeful that someday things will change, she stands there holding the torch burning bright for us. For these past 100+ years she’s stood there with total, solid, and unwavering faith that we will eventually turn the page.

Thank you Beloved Mother of Exiles for holding the highest vision for us while we are not yet capable. In our slumber, you give us your love, patience, guidance, fortitude, and protection by keeping the Flame of Freedom burning bright. We thank you for not turning your back on us, and not letting your guard down for a second, until the day we too are alert enough to be the protective keepers of this sacred flame.



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